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• Verbum caro factum est •

As cyclically happens we are again in a period of changes and revelations. The still connected/genuine/biologic individuals have understood the deep no-human dimension of the mechanical control system they were born into. In times like this, through the millennial scheme of; problem-reaction-solution, implemented in an climate of mass distraction generated by constantly repeating Everything and the opposite of Everything, the old archontic pyramids are trying to ‘change everything so that nothing changes’.

Well, We who are trained to face situations much worse than this ones, are here to assist you through this transitional time should you lose direction. You have to claim your position as a freeman, empowering your atavist memory of the Natural Law principles you inherent.

Cut-off yourself from the Materials and Spiritual contracts binding you into earthly miseries, remember to be an essence pre-juridical and pre-state before to consider you just the human shape you can see reflected in the mirror. Where you did not received those constrains consciously (citizenship and baptism for example because you was just a baby) the procedure is really fast. If you instead have done voluntary debts or deals (military oaths, initiation rites in esoteric societies, evocation of astral entities etc.), it’s a bit more complex and long but equally possible, back to have a Life worthy of this definition

Real and Private Living Homo, Pre-Juridical and Pre-State Living Being.

Law of God, the Creator, the Universe.

Inalienable Principles that rules the reality. 

Cause no harm, loss or fraude to other living souls.

All holders of a Public Oath of Office MUST serve the Private People.

Lawful and De Jure principles. 

Legal and De Facto rules.

Contract Acts/Merchant Acts/ UCC.

Military/Tribunal/Martial Law.

Statutory Acts, Bills, Codes, Rules, Legislatives Instruments.

Legal Person, Franchise; Debtors, Dead, Fiction and Public.

Legal and De Facto principles. 

Pay attention


Your actions are supported all the time by our crew, but have to be made by yourself (also for spiritual-evolutionary reasons).  Of course we assist you with info and docs towards the accomplishment of your goals in the vests of a Freeman Individual, but you must play ‘leading actor role’ in the operation ‘salvation of your life’.


All the services available in our organization are EXCLUSIVELY for those who are already; Self-determined-Sovereign-Stateless-or declared Anarchists.
We cannot interact with someone who is still owned by Someone or Something which is not itself, because it would be an infraction of the Rules.

But if:
1) the subject is in honour
2) is Lien to be dissolved it’s not too tangled
3) ‘knows what they want’, and wants to take the step in to Self-determination at the moment of contacting our office; 

• Then this ‘Return to Origin’ will be initiated with us, and they will able to benefit of our services •

Natural Law

Eternal principles of the universe established to maintain the balance between the natural and celestial mechanisms. It precedes the appearance of Mankind on this planet and will continue to be there even when this last one will no longer be here.
Anti-entropic living is not sustainable if you want wellness and harmony in the time we have to spend in this place. We must know-use-and disseminate/maintain the rules that ‘the Prime Creator’ (i.e. the Consciousness), has planned, and abandon the doctrines alien to this world, which in fact have no power over those who are inside The Natural Law

Common Law

Is the practical application of the Natural Law in the management of mankind. This is because Natural Law is highly spiritual, and cannot be used so purely ‘when the mass of people in a place is too numerous’. In this case the consequent step is the emanation of Common Law. It is the Law of the Land, modelled by the consuetude in the ages, generated in thousands of different ways, as are thousands the different the kinds of residents in the various territories of the world. But all of them are speaking the same primal language, because are coming by the same principles of the Natural Law. So, should tense situations arise, the humans permeated by these ethics, will never fight for too long, because inner nature of those who living in an ecosystem, is to Share not to Compete

Admiralty Law

Also named Law of the Sea is known in the current age as UCC Code, and has its roots into the ‘Old Testament’.
By infecting planet Earth through local statutes-legislations-constitutions-acts of parliaments-and corporate policies. They govern the interactions of documentary legal entities and abstract dynamics. Also legal persons and corporations within specific jurisdictions are part of this Unnatural and Unreal universe. It is Impossible stop or defeat them in their field, the only way to avoid and damage them, is to step out of their jurisdictions if you have problems with them. If done this way for a long period with an increasing number of humans, will produce that they’ll finish to fight and eat themselves each others. It’s the only way to make them imploding as a too much big sand castle, and free our place from their ‘not of this universe evil energy-impact’.
Fighting with them is completely useless because they always gain new energy from the fear-rage-sorrow. Always remember the wise proverb; “if you fight something for too long, you will become like it”


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If you think you are just a Person, it means that ‘you have not yet understood that you have not understood’, this is the reason you are in trouble.

But don’t worry, it was like this for all of us, nobody during a ‘normal life’ has taught us about what was going on here.

Through our closeness you will start to know ‘Who you are and Where you are’.

You’ll realize in short time (depending by the energy you’ll give us to help you) the limitless Freeman Status, with which then, acting from this condition/position on

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• Fictio iuris cessat, ubi Veritas
locum habere potest. •

We are here to support and apply Natural Law jurisdiction, in equilibrium honor and reality