alejandro angelica

Artist, Designer, Natural Law coordinator and speaker.

Argentinian Independent Investigator, Designer, Artists, Counsellor, Performer and Choreographer. Expert in Natural Law, Symbolism and Legal Structure.

Moved to Europe living between Italy and France, currently based in UK. Travelled and Performed in the most relevant theatres and artistic events in Europe and Japan.

Participate in several art projects like creator, organiser, performer, choreographer, director, visual designer and promoter. Talks fluently Spanish, Italian, English and French.

Currently is responsible for the creation and coordination of Natural Law groups in Latin American lands, Italy, UK and Internationals, through it he works for the dissemination of the information about the freedom of the mankind from the legal system and creating an international context where any individual can develop him’s own independence and autonomy in any aspect of their lives.

Self-determined, subject of international law and passionate about sovereignty and the creation of the new Paradigm, he is an active member/founder of the “Legitimate Consulting Ius Naturalis” team.


At the age of 9 years old decided to have some kind of special education that combines intelectual and physical training, founded in an intern Military Aeronautics School near to Rosario, Argentina. 

Parallel to the intern school he develop and interest for dance and arts. Creating in young age several crows to perform in social situations Hip Hop and Street Dance and in some tv programs.

Ended with studies in Ballet, Modern and Contemporary Dance, Folklore and Argentine Tango. From that he developed in a few years a personal tecniche and didactics called Tangopuro.

Moved in Europe for study Aerospace engineer at the Politecnico of Milan change after a few years to product and interior design.

He also studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and became master and counsellor focusing in training for privates and companies in self empowering and problem solving.

Lived and travelled in several countries, combining the performance, artistic and didactic work with a creative jobs.


Thanks to the background of travelling, art, performance, creativity, personal coach and life experiences Alejandro’s approach to the sovereign and Natural Law subject is completely transversal and original, with a goal of to find this rare connection between individual needs, legal and lawful strategies and the state of the art in document creation and self-determinate processes.

In the last 20 years he gets deep in several creative environments, from promoting and organising theatrical shows, NLP training, creating graphic desings, websites, shows, choreographies, products, lamps, books, conferences, didactic videos and interact with social media and live events with the public, creating a vision able to connect and find whats can be undercover for the most effective lawful solution.

Relevant Experience

Passionate of flying obtained the glider licence and combined with the motorcycles passion, participating in some competitions and races.

Recognised as valuable immigrant in Italy, gain the participation to a Talea Leaders School.

Travelling is one of the most open minded gift anyone can get and travel not as a tourist but in contact with the locals is even more gratify, thanks to the tango visited and lived in Japan, China, all Europe, South America and Middle East.

• Fictio iuris cessat, ubi Veritas
locum habere potest. •

We are here to support and apply Natural Law jurisdiction, in equilibrium honor and reality