cristiano rose

monk - contemplative philosopher - psycheanalist

Regent by nine years of the Philosophical School “The Light of Silence” ( cristiano rose is many things. Ascetic – a psycheanalist – contemplative philosopher – extreme sportsman – and expert in border sciences   .. and other. Since thirty years in the field of mysticism and mystery disciplines, in 2014 met the Individual Sovereignty, deepening it he realized “the esoteric matrix of an exohuman mold behind the relative rituals, of All manifestations of the Organized Power Systems practiced openly for millennia”. Anarchist and Equan (i.e. the step after the Sovereign) a practicing sovereign by years, he creates in August 2019 a working team that, growing over time, then contributes to creating the “Legitimate Consulting Ius Naturalis”. Explorer, Sophist orator, Baroque writer, Stoicist epistemologist, and rhetoric by maieutic training, through the Syncretism which, governed by the law of Interdependence, binds all the things of Creation, decrypts, harmonizes and gives meaning to all that series of illogicalities that Too Often, lurk behind “the obvious” which is the background to our days on Earth


The knowledge of cristiano is a direct consequence of all the things that he has absorbed and practiced in the decades. 

The cognitive alchemical mixture deriving from the reading of ancient texts, the mythological anecdotal, and the esoteric knowledge of the fundamental principles of the universe, produce an overview that is VERY useful when you want to see every situation for what it is.

The distance to the observation point Always makes the difference. Being too “inside” things does not allow capture their complete nature


There are so many ways to describe cristiano and none of them would make a mother happy. Officially self-taught from the age of seventeen (but effectively from 10), in his past there is the creative art to which he applies. Paint-caring-harmonize-cook-create from nothing, and of course, write as well as describe.

A traveler aimless for a bourgeois eye, he lived in worldly places when in the world of associations; sports-humanitarian-political-professional-fashion. Remote places when instead, together with; monks-gypsies-shamans, as well as military teams (from Italy, France and the USA), risked much more than simple physical health, to obtain what these situations confer on those who overcome them while remaining whole.

But there were also periods of apparent “flat calm”. For about ten years he worked in a chemical-engineering firm, as a local politician, as a security officer for private individuals, and as an event organizer

Relevant Experience

All. From the pleasant ones, to the apparently ugly or stupid ones.

For cristiano and his contemplative/Zen vision, life is that interval of time between “deciding something and making it happen”. And if instead of constantly seeing the Whole in the Whole with balance and impermanence, we allow ourselves to be distracted by the relativistic dualism of the external world, we will get lost in the infinite machinations of the exasperated Mind. This will guarantee unhappiness and fatigue for the vast majority of the time of our earthly life.

Everything encountered in the early periods teaches a lot (while in the long run then they degrade). It brings both good and bad with it. But it is always up to Ourselves alone, according to our balance and degree of awareness, to harmonize us with everything. So as to rejoice in the Good, and avoid Bad (always understanding in time when it’s time to change).

The episodes of life on Earth are not Objective, but Subjective, and therefore consequent to our degree of Consciousness.

We do not interface with life as we see it, but by how we feel

• Fictio iuris cessat, ubi Veritas
locum habere potest. •

We are here to support and apply Natural Law jurisdiction, in equilibrium honor and reality