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Starting from zero; Once Self-Determinated and/or Sovereign, the strategies to apply this knowledge.

Analysis and Planning (Restructuring) of the subject’s existential environment. Clearance of previous conflicts and contracts. Instructions on the documents, processes and the right way to think and act in various situations, (not urgent and with no legal risks) in order to optimally root the new Jurisdiction of Natural Law.


  • 3 days of assistance
  • 1 video meeting (2 hours) with the LCIN team
  • Assistance with filling in documents
  • Process follow up

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from 350 Euro corresponding *


How to use and apply your Self-Determination/Sovereignty in your day-to-day life, to achieve and keep your control e serenity

The team will guide you to create projections, actions, and documents, according to your needs, assisting you through the stages of the procedure in legal cases and emergencies.


  • 5 days of assistance
  • 2 video meetings (2 hours each) with LCIN team
  • Guiding you to produce projections and applications for your Status
  • Assistance in the creation and compilation of documents
  • Assistance in different procedures: trips, taxes, fines, mortgages

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from 600 Euro corresponding *


Specific requirements and advanced solutions for asset management, while creating your new life as a Self-Determined/Sovereign

Our experts will help you find advanced solutions to apply your new Status, and manage your wealth and the long-term security of your clan


  • 7 days of assistance
  • 3 video meetings (2 hours each) with LCIN team
  • Assistance with preparing and generating documents
  • Step-by-step instructions for processing
  • Assistance in different creation procedures: TRUST, testaments, asset ownership

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from 800 Euro corresponding *


Extra consultation with Us


  • 1 hour and half video meeting with the LCIN team

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corresponding *

Letters – Answers – Warnings etc.

to or in consequence, to entities/people you have to deal with

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As a result of our total disdain for the abstract fictions "intentionally damaging" that are the creations of present-day humanity; We not ask as 1st option the exchange value for the donations with the colored pieces of FIAT paper of the Central Banks, but something more natural and REAL, namely Gold or Silver grains, which can be purchased from UK-based companies (so to don't pay the transport fees), such as those that we "for example" propose below. These are close to the "Philosophical School", our headquarters, so as to save the courier's time of transport and obviously the expenses. Who is not able with web or do not know the english language, can use the "home banking system" and make a normal transaction in common currencies. In this cases we suggest to use, the cheaper fast modern and secure so to avoid to waste too much money in the traditional bank operations. Or Pay Pal

  • Directly sending to the Philosophical School
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    33739817 account number
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    Nationwide Bank Bank address: 40-42 Wheelock St, Middlewich, CW10 9AB
    Andrea Bagnasco (school treasurer)
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• Fictio iuris cessat, ubi Veritas
locum habere potest. •

We are here to support and apply Natural Law jurisdiction, in equilibrium honor and reality