Our Story

We are the exponents of a team of freemen made by philosophers technicians and experts in various fields. Some with a holistic background, some academic, some esoteric.
With the starting point of Natural Law, through anecdotal and multidisciplinarity, we convey studies practices and paths about Self-determination – Individual Sovereignty – Statelessness, so that the individual becomes always more responsible complete and independent over time. The higher the quality of conscious women and men, the less a large number of individuals will be needed for the consolidation of the already present new society, alternative to the illogical anti-life dogmatic patriarchal system which offend intelligence since more than 200 years to the Living ones here on Earth

We are moved by Natural Law principles

  • Cause no harm loss or injury to another licit creature or its property
  • Never limit the free will of others
  • Be noble in all your dealings and acts

Human Empathy

We are here to listen your case on the environmental-mental-and spiritual plan. Cooperating with you to get you the right information, alternatives, and relative effects, for then get in action ‘as a Living Man’, with coherence and knowledge


Every situation is different so, ‘acting above of statutory rules’, we always generating new communicative ways and strategies, leading an assertively and harmonically problem-solving for the different cases


We know well the influence of the energies in the different stages of a contentious, and the importance of the right move in the right time. Because of that it’s our main goal, the building of a personalized documents/tool for the specific individual

ruggero bazzani

alejandro angelica

• Fictio iuris cessat, ubi Veritas
locum habere potest. •

Siamo qui per sostenere e applicare la giurisdizione di Legge Naturale, in equilibrio, onore e realtà