ruggero bazzani


 While in the Italian peninsula, Ruggero worked in the fine wine industry in Gaiole in Chianti (province of Siena, Italy).  After working in the wine industry, he has worked and traveled for many years thanks to his various assignments in the security sector, both individual and territorial and corporate.

 Since June 2014 he lives in Colombia, where he manages a coordination office for all Natural law, Common Law Court and New Paradigm groups internationally.  Researcher and self-taught botanical experimenter, he is already preparing for the future where he intends to create with us IusNaturalis, N-PRDGM and MySpiritCan, some Evo-Villages, where he will supervise the outdoor and greenhouse cultivations.

 Expert in international law and philanthropist of Sovereignty (but better still of Equanity), he is a founding member of the Ius Naturalis Legitimate Consulting Organization, as well as right-hand man of Cristiano Rose in the MySpiritCan and Alejandro Angelica with the N-PRDGM.


Ruggero was educated by his maternal grandparents.  His grandmother was a countess and his grandfather a cavalry general.

 He immediately learned the rules and principles of loyalty, courage, honor and teamwork, as well as strategy, psychology and human relationships, in unconventional times.  Always showing understanding but instinctively aversion to subordinate upbringing, he has often found his own fulfilment in the freedom to be independent.  The most recognized condition for being able to express one’s abilities and thoughts.

 Balanced and with a big heart, he has always faced the new educational challenges that life offers him with a smile.  This is because he is used to implementing the effective essence of Knowledge;  learn well – learn a lot – and apply widely.


The loving but rigid “Old Style” education learned from his grandparents during his growth, according to the canons of French “bon ton”, has provided Ruggero with noble ways of doing and behaving that are useful both on great social occasions and in situations in where human degradation is too often easy to detect.  On these occasions, however, he is guided by his conscience with a sense of fairness and benevolence towards others, a sharing of what is right, especially with those who have been less fortunate in life.

Today therefore, determined and attentive to detail, strong in management skills “above all of himself”, he looks at the life ahead of him with well-deserved optimism.

Relevant Experience

Every life experience has been a relevant experience for Ruggero, but certainly having been able to travel around the world from the age of 17 has certainly shaped the potential and abilities that represent him today.

 Traveling not as a tourist, but “on the road”, inevitably leads to experiencing places in ways that are unthinkable for today’s superficial Westerners.  And this elasticises the mind, this leads to analysis and understanding, also and above all of native peoples.  Connoisseur and lover of flora and fauna, cultivating “part” of his weekly food for “reasons of principle”, he lives surrounded by fruit trees, vegetables and flowers inside and outside the house.

 Having trained in Anglo-Russian paramilitary schools, he knows emergency situations well, having worked for years in the role of Security Operator for the security and escort services.

 Certainly today on the threshold of fifty years, surrounded by his plants, he prefers to polish an armchair with his back from behind a desk, following his plants and following the creation of the birth of our projects of independence of the system, living only through the past, the risks taken during his adventures outside the comfort zone.

• Fictio iuris cessat, ubi Veritas
locum habere potest. •

Siamo qui per sostenere e applicare la giurisdizione di Legge Naturale, in equilibrio, onore e realtà